During their time at Pratt, our Historic Preservation students attain a deep grasp of cultural heritage issues, preservation law & policy, and preservation practice. They build an amazing set of skills - from historic documentation and site evaluation, to community engagement and collaboration, to the interpretation of heritage sites and narratives, to the ability to design adaptive reuse solutions that can transform historic structures into community assets, and beyond. Case study research and interaction with community leaders and practitioners ensures an integrative, interdisciplinary, and inclusive approach, particularly through the students’ studio and Thesis projects. The New York City environment, its urban context, and our accomplished faculty support the goal of excellence and national recognition in the field. Pratt’s Historic Preservation 校友 are also a resource for the program and its students. Our alumni hold leadership positions in government agencies, civic organizations, heritage institutions, and community-based organizations in New York, the U.S., and internationally. Many of our alumni and their organizations, agencies and firms engage current 历史保存 students as interns and fellows, and each year the alumni mentor students in one-on-one interactions and mentorship events. 



w88优德体育历史保存组织(PHPO)是一名学生为主导的教育,跨部门组织,致力于通过包括宣传,社区外联,志愿服务,课外奖学金和跨学科合作的活动的活动进展。w88优德体育的历史保存部门和PHPO分享了丰富学生经验的目标,并在建筑和w88优德体育研究所的整体上与机会联系,在所有学科中创造了理解和进步。 PHPO组织社会和教育活动,与计划管理员合作,以确定学生的保存实习和奖学金机会。历史保存部门的活动和产品不断更新该计划 Commons Page用于历史保存,由PHPO领导者管理。 PHPO的成员资格为w88优德体育研究所的所有学生都是自动注册历史保存计划的学生。