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          视觉和批判性研究是文学士 program for independent thinkers and those training to be public intellectuals, curators, visual artists or cultural workers who are interested in addressing pressing social concerns through cultural and visual analysis 和 skill building.



          该 BA in Critical and Visual Studies gives students critical tools to be able to become key leaders in public intellectual spheres, preparing students to engage in the arts, social debates, and develop writing 和 critical skills.


          • 社会的批判性的理解和视觉艺术也就是在历史上接地,整体艺术生产,定性方法,美学,和交叉性。
          • 能力在社会理论,分析结构,沟通技巧,熟悉各种研究方法和视角。
          • 集成开发和批判书面,口头,视觉和空间表达的能力。
          • 该 flexibility to pursue both in-depth studies as well as opportunities to make links between academic work and the working world through internships in cultural institutions, especially non-profit arts 和 public service agencies.
          • 谁对学术和师资上的文化批判和分析的最前沿。

          502 Bad Gateway

          502 Bad Gateway

          Our events underscore the program's emphasis on the critical understanding of culture and the social world of art and social life. 该 nature and format of our events are open to the range of student and faculty interests. Some long running events 和 series include:

          讲座,论坛,和音箱系列 以及该部门的常规 学者驻 任命和知识分子带来知名学者来学院为学生提供的机会,以满足并与之交互许多杰出的思想家和学者。

          电影放映 are designed to be provocative forums for current issues and timely debates. Filmmakers accompany their film screenings and address interested students after the screenings, making for lively discussions that extend beyond the classroom. Students 和 faculty are also active in the w88优德体育电影协会 和 无线电w88优德体育 (WPIR),计划扩大这种参与。

          该 Wallabout电影节 


          高级论文读数 有公开演讲,通过他们的论文研究的前辈。这些发言和讨论是一个机会,让学生去了解同行的工作,对自己的智力发展获得新的认识。



          注册办公室 与教师和工作人员联系电话应 人力资源。了解更多关于w88优德体育的隐私策略,请访问: www.modelbooth.com/privacy.

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