The BFA in Writing at Pratt Institute prepares students to become highly proficient and self-sustaining creative writers. Through our studio-based approach and our commitments to inquiry, creative research, and critical self-reflection, we invite students to expand their creative range, to investigate the cultural and historical forces that have sculpted the literary traditions they seek to enter, to become expert practitioners, and to explore the other fields on offer at Pratt. Our focus is students’ creative expression, balanced with professional preparation and community engagement via hands-on courses, internships, and colloquia, so that students are prepared to navigate the changing literary landscape. Our pedagogy combines rigor with care, and the department administration and faculty work actively on behalf of students to shape their time at Pratt and to connect them to campus resources, so that—despite the solitude that sometimes attends the writing life—students feel supported and equipped to achieve their goals.

Learning Outcomes

Via completion of the program, BFA Writing students will:

  • Expand their creative process through practices of creative making, experimentation, and play
  • Learn to ask and investigate a question through the refinement of curiosity, attention, and research
  • Acquire an eloquent critical language for discussions of their work and its place in diverse literary traditions
  • Demonstration through informed reading and writing practices, an understanding of the social and historical forces that have shaped their imagination
  • Develop expertise in a selected form or genre
  • Become a self-sustaining practitioner by
    • Learning to assemble a revised, cohesive, and polished body of work
    • Acquiring professional skills and knowledge that will support a working life
Students who began the program in fall 2018, fall 2019, or later complete the new BFA curriculum.
New Writing BFA Curriculum
Advising assistance for students in the new BFA


Requirements for BFA Writing

  • Semester 1

    Complete these courses.

    WR-101 Writer's Studio I

    WR-110 Critical Thinking & Writing I

    WR-120 Writing Elements I: The Sentence

    WR-300 Writer's Forum

    HMS-203A World Literature Survey I

    MSCI-270 Ecology
    MSCI-221 Conceptual Physics

  • Semester 2

    Complete these courses plus 3 HMS elective credits.

    WR-102 Writer's Studio II

    WR-121 Writing Elements II: Forms

    WR-300 Writer's Forum

    HMS-203B World Literature Survey II

  • Semester 3

    Complete these courses plus 4 Studio elective credits and 3 Social Science/Philosophy elective credits.

    WR-201 Writer's Studio III

    WR-300 Writer's Forum

    CH-300 World Civilizations I

    HMS-304B Topics in American Studies: Perspective On U.S. Literature

  • Semester 4

    Complete these courses plus 3 HMS elective credits and 2 Studio elective credits.

    WR-202 Writer's Studio IV

    WR-300 Writer's Forum

    WR-320 Special Topics

    CH-400 World Civilizations II

  • Semester 5

    Complete these courses plus 3 HMS elective credits and 3 Math/Science elective credits.

    WR-300 Writer's Forum

    WR-301 Writer's Studio V

    WR-320 Special Topics

    WR-330 The Professional Workplace

  • Semester 6

    Complete these courses plus 3 HMS elective credits and 3 Social Science/Philosophy elective credits.

    WR-302 Junior Intensive

    WR-320 Special Topics

    WR-390 Internship/Seminar

  • Semester 7

    Complete these courses plus 6 Liberal Arts elective credits, 2 Studio elective credits, and 3 Social Science/Philosophy elective credits.

    WR-420 Senior Project I

  • Semester 8

    Complete these courses plus 3 HMS elective credits 2 studio electives and 6 Open elective credits.

    WR-421 Senior Project II